Welcome to Georgia Bonded

Serving the Southeast since 1986. Offering quality service at a value the way business used to be.
Striving to be the most valued partner in your business. We are in it for the long run but will be happy to help your short term needs as well.
Strategically located to serve the Southeast U.S., Mid-West and East Coast.

Our Services


  • Internet Commerce Distribution
  • Bulk Commerce Distribution
  • Inventory Optimization
  • J.I.T Inventory
  • Eastern Seaboard Port Distribution
  • Container Unloading/Load out

On Demand Warehousing

Flex and contract your inventory at will.
Stage equipment or products for deployment
Add a collection spot for bulk returns/transfer of freight
Customization of freight handling.
Last Mile for raw materials, large consumer goods or bulk retail.
Container breakdown and distribution.

What we can do for you

Control warehouse cost by paying for only what you need, when you need it.
Add locational storage without adding staffing or equipment,  Get your product closer to the user.
Avoid long term commitments without knowing demand.  We cover the flex in the market.
Prepare for the upcoming trends by focusing on your product sales, we cover distribution